Our Service.

SMRFibre’s customer-focused service includes convenient drop-off locations or timely pick-up of your recycled paper. We customize the paper collection process for each facility.Collection containers may be provided for a business and collected when full, or on a regular schedule, or customers can simply request a pick-up when appropriate. Our modern plants are equipped to handle all types of paper recycling, and are the largest facilities of their kind regionally.

SMRFibre processes paper cost-effectively, saving large corporations, small companies and even individuals time and valuable space. For companies that produce large volumes of paper such as printers and publishers, we turn scrap into revenue for your business.

We process a variety of items:

• mixed office paper
• white & colored paper
• computer print outs
• envelopes, pads & file folders
• brochures & pamphlets
• cardboard, boxboard & chipboard
• print waste/coated book
• newspaper
• shrink wrap and other plastics
• aluminum litho plates
• x-ray film and negatives

SMRFibre and CONFIDATA are divisions of Empire Recycling Corporation
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